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We Work Hard To Consistently Provide You The Highest Quality Gourmet Mushroom Grow Supplies

Our goal is to make gourmet mushroom cultivation easy. Growing mushrooms is a wholesome and rewarding process that we want you to feel positively about. With our years of cultivation experience, we have developed industry-leading sterile practices to minimize the risk of contamination. We strive to make sure you have all the tools necessary to successfully grow your own gourmet mushrooms at home.

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Your one-stop shop for premium mushroom cultivation supplies.

Whether you are a hobbyist, a student, a professional, or an enthusiast, you will find everything you need to explore the fascinating world of fungi at Easy Shroom. We offer a wide range of products, including:

  • Sterilized grain spawn bags and ready-to-spawn super substrates for easy and fast colonization.
  • All-in-one mushroom grow kits with everything you need to grow your own gourmet mushrooms at home.
  • Food dehydrators for preserving your harvest and making mushroom jerky.
  • Inoculation tools, sanitary and protective equipment, and other lab accessories.

We are committed to providing you with the best quality products and customer service. Browse our online store and discover the amazing benefits of mushrooms for your health, well-being, and enjoyment.

Easy Shroom: The ultimate source for mushroom grow supplies.

Easy Shroom was launched in 2023 as a dedicated provider of premium mushroom grow supplies. We intend to offer everything you need to grow gourmet mushrooms, shipped to you anywhere in the U.S. and in stores near you through our Authorized Retail Partner Program. Customers can expect quality products and quality service, because we want to make sure you love growing mushrooms.

All of our sterilized grain bags and pasteurized substrates are produced in-house with high quality ingredients to maintain our high standards. Our cultures are regularly cultivated to maintain genetic integrity. We also supply general lab supplies to keep your home grows extra clean. If you are not sure where to start, our All-In-One Mushroom Grow Kits are an easy way to get all the supplies you need to get started.

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Everything you need to your very own gourmet mushrooms at home

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