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    All-In-One Mushroom Grow Kit – 15qt

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    Our All-In-One Mushroom Grow Kit includes everything necessary to grow mushrooms at home quickly and easily. Grain spawn comes pre-sterilized and ready to inoculate through a self-healing injection port for easy mushroom growing. Easy Shroom mushroom kits include the perfect amount of pasteurized mushroom substrate to promote healthy mycelium growth in a monotub of this size. Our mushroom grow kits come with alcohol wipes to sanitize before inoculation and a spray bottle to re-hydrate during fruiting. The included plastic liner helps to prevent side pins and makes cleanup quick and painless. A built-in hygrometer-thermometer module helps you keep track of the important conditions in your grow tub. The monotubs included in our mushroom grow kits are highly durable and should be saved to use for subsequent grows. Each mushroom growing kit comes with a QR code under the lid which can be scanned with a phone to access instructions.

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